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General Residential Home Inspection

This inspection includes all aspects of the structural components of your home. The exterior, foundation, basement, walls, floors, attic roof, chimney, electrical service, water heater, and heating/cooling equipment are all inspected the day of the inspection.

Wood Destroying Insects

This visual inspection detects the presence or evidence of wood destroying insects, including termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees. Over time, these insects can destroy the structural integrity of any wood in your home.

Radon Testing

Radon is an invisible and odorless gas, that results from decaying uranium, and is the #2 cause of lung cancer besides smoking. Exposure to radon overtime, can cause significant health issues, including lung cancer. During this test, a monitoring device is placed in your home for a period of 48 hours. The device will reveal whether or not your home contains an unsafe level of radon, and if mitigation is needed. Most homes in Northeastern Pennsylvania have elevated levels of radon.

Bacteria Water Testing

Have your well water tested for harmful bacteria, inclu ding coliform and e.coli, which can compromise the safety of your drinking water.

Chemical Water Testing

Have your well water tested for any harmful organic chemicals that will adversely affect water quality and taste.

Limited Mold Inspection

Mold can take on many forms, some harmful and some benign. If mold is determined to be harmful, it may require special removal techniques or services. With a mold test, samples are taken of suspect areas (either swabs or air samples), analyzed in a laboratory, and results are then sent to me. You will receive an interpretation of the results, accompanied by the lab report, as well as recommendations for remediation if deemed necessary .

Complete Mold Inspection

A complete mold inspection consists of the inspector performing a moisture intrusion inspection of your home. Starting at the roof, and working down to the foundation, areas of moisture intrusion and any conditions that are conducive to mold growth will be reported. Samples will be taken for lab analyzation, and a complete inspection report will be delivered to you, along with any recommendations for remediating any detected mold or moisture intrusion.

Pre-listing Inspection

Thinking of listing your home? Avoid any unexpected surprises or disappointments when a prospective buyer initiates their inspection. Decide which issues need correcting or what items you are going replace prior to listing. This inspection will include the General Residential Home Inspection, Radon Testing, and a Wood Destroying Organism inspection.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Have the air in your home tested bothersome mold or allergens, including pet dander, pollen, fibers, and inorganic particulates.

*Pricing is based on a 2,500 sq ft. house or smaller. Any house above 2,500 sq ft. is an additional $50 per 500 sq ft. over.

**All prices subject to change.

***Additional services may be available, please inquire.